What to Wear When Fishing

What to Wear When Fishing: A Guide on Essential Fishing Clothes in Summer and Winter

A very important thing when you go fishing is to know what you should wear. And choosing the right garment makes your experience more enjoyable. Conversely, your trip to fishing may get completely ruined if you make mistakes in choosing perfect clothing.


It is not good spending days in cold, wet or hot weather. Plus, not wearing the perfect clothing means a huge distraction from fishing and pushing your health to vulnerability.


What to Wear When Fishing


There was a time when the regular anglers didn’t heed that much to the garment. A tennis hat, a T-shirt, and a pair of shorts would easily do for them. But over time, the tendency has changed for certain reasons.


Choosing the right cloth certainly makes a difference in fishing. For example, the clothes do not get wet easily make you feel comfortable, and ensure that you spend quality time fishing. You have a great adventure if your clothes are perfectly okay.


The season is to be considered when you will choose the fishing garments. Because every clothing is not made to be appropriate for all seasons. For example, in summer you might choose a cloth that keeps you protected from the harmful rays of the sun and protects your skin. On the contrary, in winter you might choose some heavy clothes to protect you from cold hovering around.


What to Wear When Fishing


Similarly, you have to be careful about choosing your shoes, and hats according to the time and season. More or less the fishing clothing includes a T-shirt, pants, hat, raincoat, waistcoat, thermal clothing, sweatshirt, jacket, shoes or boots, and a pair of sunglasses.


In this post, we are going to discuss the cloth you should wear in summer and winter in detail. We are also going to talk about what to wear if you are a girl along with FAQ at the end of this post to answer your potential questions. Let’s dive in.


What to wear in the hot weather of summer?




One of the most important clothing that an angler uses in summer is a hat, though it may remind you of the old school days. A wide-brimmed hat protects you from sunburn because it will make a shade to keep your face off the sun. The hat gives you relief when you are in the middle of the sea under the hot sun.

When you choose a hat, make sure that it has good air accessibility and does not get wet very soon. It is because most of the heat of your body is released through your head. Also, the hat should have a sweat-wicking capacity.




A good pair of sunglasses has a great impact on your fishing. It is one of the most important accessories for an angler to have in the scorching heat of the summer. So, take a pair of glasses for your comfort at fishing.


When it comes to choosing glasses, you should take polarised glasses as the experts suggest it. The polarised glasses lessen the effect of the glaring sun that bounces off from the surface. As you will spend a long period at fishing gazing at the water in the front, the disturbing glaring effect elicited from the water surface may make you morbid.

Your panacea in that case is a pair of glasses. It will allow you to see clearly. Besides, it will protect your eyes from UV (Ultra Violet Ray).

Do you know glasses have a rating? For instance, a UV 400 glass can block quite a good amount of UVR.




Wearing sunscreen is very essential when you decide upon fishing. Though shirts pants and other accessories protect your body from sunburn, still you have someplace in your body that can be easily penetrated by the sun and can harm your body with its UV ray.

So, make sure that you are wearing sunscreen before going on fishing. Waterproof sunscreen would a good suggestion for you because it keeps your body feeling more comfortable


Face Mask

Fulfilling your hobby or professionalism does not mean that you will be yielding your body to the harmful ray of the sun. So it is better not to expose yourself to the sun when you spend a longer period outside especially in saltwater in the sun-soaked hotspot.

So, wear a face mask that protects your neck, ear, and face from sunburn. Your mask should not create internal pressure. And notice you can breathe easily. And face mask should also be made of light cotton fabrics that give you comfort.



Though most of the anglers try T-shirt at fishing, we will not go against the long-sleeve shirts because they protect us from the harmful effects of the sun. While some may be surprised hearing it, actually if the long sleeve shirt is chosen wisely according to its weight and fabric materials, it will be rather cool for your body and give you extra comfort at your fishing.

Lightweight fabrics that tend to dry soon should be your choice. Apart from this, you have to think of its moisture wickedness.



In the hot weather or the summer season, shorts would be an ideal option for the lower part of your body in fishing. As you spend the time in the water, it is easily understandable that you will frequently contact water, that is, you might wade into the water or get splashes when the boat would run. Shorts have quick-drying qualities. To give you more ease it should be light. Make sure that air can penetrate it very easily so that you may find two benefits: your skin would get the comfort of air and the shorts you wear get dry soon.

Many anglers like to have lots of pockets on their shorts. Another good option you may consider is to wear lightweight pants that can be easily converted to shorts when necessary. This type of pants would be ideal for you as with the changing weather when coolness domains, you get extra profit.



A pair of shoes make your fishing experience more smooth. The main feature in a shoe you should look at is its sole. Sole is very important for the fishers. Choose such a sole that is non-slippery and have a good grip on a wet surface. Concerning shoes, you might opt for two covered or uncovered shoes or popularly known sandals. Both have their benefits.

Different companies make water sandals that allow you to walk smoothly on the water surface and have good traction on the surface. It is different from the covered shoes in that it has breathability that ultimately keeps your feet cool as you already guess but here you might get wet and get hurt if you are not careful enough.

On the other hand, covered shoes are different from the uncovered ones. It does not allow you ventilation of air and so you feel warm inside but covered shoes are highly protective and favorable to use in winter. If fishers don’t desire to be wet covered shoes are a popular go for them. There is hardly any difference in terms of the sole. Like sandals, it has also a sturdy sole that tends to grip on the wet slippery surface.


What to wear in the cold weather of winter?


When winter is around, your clothing should be different from the ones in summer. While in summer being protected from the UV rays of the hot sun is the main concern, in winter being warm is the prime concern. Remember that resisting cold staying at your residence and resisting cold at offshore or at bay sitting and standing hour after hour is different. You must feel colder than usual at fishing.




The layering of your clothing is an ideal idea as it helps you adapt your body with the prevailing ambiance. When your body is covered with multiple layers the cold will feel hesitated to fight. Also, layers can be removed or added according to your body temperature.

The base layer should have the quality of drying quickly and of wicking moisture. Nylon, polyester, and wool blends made base layer will be more comfortable than anything.

The mid-layer should be the garments made from fleece. It also seeps in the moisture and retains the heat necessary in winter.


The outer layer should be nylon or polyester made so that it does not seep in water. Also, it is good to wear a layer that is very lightweight but windproof



Fishing boots are specially for the winter season when the shivering cold is around. Like shoes, you have to be conscious of the sole of the boots. The sole should be hardy with non-slip rubber quality that will have strong traction on the slippery surface. You might be satisfied that there are also thermal boots in the market to keep your feet warm and give you a pleasing fishing experience.

There is also another kind of boots named Boot-foot meaning the boot and the waterproof pants are combined to vanguard you from cold and moisture. Even, you do not have any problem if you stand in water.

In the case of choosing the fishing boots, you might have to be a bit careful about your comfort. Notice, if you are feeling disturbed inside or if you are incurring any pain when walking because of the pinching of boots, you might ruin your pleasing environment all along.



The guardian of your fingers is gloves. The fishers tend to use gloves in cold though, you can use it all the time considering your comfort. They protect your hands from cold and moisture.

Before opting for a pair of gloves, consider if the pair can give you an easy movement of your fingers so that you have no problem to operate the reel and handle line and hooks. A good idea can be that you can choose fingerless gloves where your upper part of the fingers will be exposed to.

In this way, your grip and movement will be strong and as same as before. At the same time, it will keep your hands dry and warm. You can work subtle work with much dexterity.



If you decide to fish in winter, you will need a hooded jacket that is windproof and waterproof simultaneously together with waterproof warm pants. Long warm underwear and leggings would be better

if you need extra protection. You need extra warmth because you will be standing or sitting at a place for a longer time, So you might feel colder than you used to feel at a normal position when you have movements. Be careful about not catching a cold.

If the place where you intend to fish is too cold for you, snowsuit would be ideal. You can also select such type of jackets that have lots of pockets to hold the baits, lures, and other essential things you need at fishing.



Though sunglasses are very essential for summer, its appeal is not less in winter. Because still, the sun shines and still the water reflects. Sunglass bars the reflection of water. It soothes your eyes and protects your eyes from being irritated.



A perfectly warm hat lets you retain the heat that your body releases through the head. The maximum of our heat is released through our heads. So, choose a wool made hat that can cover your ear and neck. If it is not waterproof, your waterproof hoodie will support it.


What should a girl wear to go fishing?

As it is a wonderful hobby, more and more girls are being interested to go fishing. They cannot decide what they actually would wear. If you are a girl, you should know about your clothing to go fishing. The clothing that I mentioned above is also applicable for you to use in summer and winter. However, you can also have a look at the following tips to stay protected:


The most essential thing a girl should consider is her clothing. First of all, your clothing should be waterproof. Whether it will be light or weighty depends on the weather. Your clothing, especially your outwear and footwear should be waterproof.

You may not get a sheltering environment there. This means that you should be more conscious of your clothing. Try to take a waterproof jacket. Don’t take the whole wardrobe of your cloth. Remember the less cloth you take, the more comfortable your movement will be.



Another important companion that you must remember to take with you.is footwear. A pair of waterproof shoes with great comfort inside bring you some great moments at fishing.

You must not want the situation where you will be fishing and having pinched inside the shoes. As you spend a long time with the shoes worn, the comfort of the shoes has to be given a major priority. You can use hiking shoes or rain boots or duck boots at your fishing.



Take some layers to wear while you go fishing. However, you can add or remove your layers to satisfy the weather demands. If you feel cold, increase your layers, and if you feel warm reduce your layers to your comfort position.

It’s up to you to choose which shirts, T-shirts, pants or shorts you are wearing. But remember before selecting that the clothing you are taking should dry soon and are comfortable to wear.


As we have mentioned earlier you can take a bunch of accessories with you as your demands arise. If you are fumbling which other accessories you should take, my suggestion includes a pair of sunglasses, sunscreen, jackets, gloves, sandals, hat, and mask.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


What shoes should I wear for fishing?

It depends on the weather, season, location, and whether you are fishing in the sea or lake. You can either choose covered or uncovered shoes for you. On top of that, you can choose the boots if it is winter. No matter what kind of shoes you wear, just make sure that they let you walk smoothly on the watery surfaces and they come with good sole inside. You should also have a careful look at the breathability and how well they can protect your legs.


How do I stay cool while fishing in summer?

Apart from good clothing and sunglasses, there are multiple ways you should try to keep yourself cool while you are fishing in summer. Here are some advices for you to keep you cool while fishing:


  • If you do not keep yourself properly hydrated with fluids, you might get sick due to sunstroke. Drink plenty of water even when you are are not thirsty. However, you should avoid alcoholic and caffeinated drinks by all means.


  • To protect your head, you should wear a wide brims hat. However, you can also choose from buffs and ball caps.


  • Wear sunglasses to protect your eyes from the glaring sun. Keep your skin away from the UV rays by using sunscreen.


  • If there is any scope to fish in shades, try to keep yourself under that. You can choose to stand under a bridge or shady bank to keep you away from the heat falling on you directly.


  • If you find the hot weather unbearable, you can have a bath in the water by jumping on it. Alternatively, you can also dip your cap in the water to keep your head cool.


Can I wear sandals for deep-sea fishing?

Yes, you can wear sandals, sneakers, or boots for deep sea fishing as per the weather demand. Just make sure that the shoes you are wearing offers good traction and are waterproof.

What should I wear for bass fishing?

It is not much different in clothing for bass or salmon fishing. What you need to care much is your comfort and the season you are going to fish in.


What should I wear for deep-sea fishing?

Here are the protecting clothes and gear you should pack in your backpack while you are going to fish in the deep sea:


  • Windbreaker or rain gear.
  • Light clothing (light-colored and lightweight) such as T-shirts, long sleeve shirts, shorts.
  • hat
  • polarized sunglasses
  • sunscreen
  • non-skid shoes with rubber sole
  • gloves


Final Thoughts

Fishing can be enjoyed in all seasons. But remember that your fishing experience will be sweeter if you can show your dexterity in choosing the right and comfortable cloth for you.

As you will be out of your residence for a long time and can’t expect any help from the neighborhood, fishing with good quality clothing that is waterproof, dryable, and comfortable gives you the best experience that you ever have had.

We believe that our suggestion on what to wear when fishing will be of help to you in deciding the right fishing clothes, fishing shoes, and other fishing accessories. Happy Fishing!

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