About Us

Author Rakib AhmedI am Rakib Ahmed.When I was in my early 14, One day I visited my friend’s home . I have heard that he has gone out fishing in their pond. I felt curious and interested to know how to catch fishes. I went to the pond and found him absorbed in fishing there.

I was enjoying his way of fishing very much. Some moments passed, my friend left home leaving the fishing rod so that I can try fishing. As fishing is completely alien to me and I was naive in it, I felt a great adventure when I took the rod in my hand for the first time. Suddenly, I felt something is dragging the bait. I cannot express that very feeling in words. The first feeling of fishing was very thrilling for me. I felt the thrill from the core of my heart.

And that’s just the beginning. From then on, I have become an ardent lover of fishing. I have traveled to many places for fishing.

Whenever I can drag some time out of my busy schedule, I engage myself in learning more and more about fishing. I cannot keep myself away from fishing. It has become a passionate hobby of mine. I join with friends in fishing and talk with them on topics related to it.



Fishing is my love and I want to make others who have not got the thrill of fishing to feel it before their death, at least for once. I would love to see the people of the world fishing, traveling, staying with nature, and making the world a better place.


Fishingever.com is my brainchild. With this website, I have a dream to help the fishing enthusiasts know everything about fishing in one place. We are going to cover a wide range of informative blog posts so that newbies in fishing can prepare themselves to get the best experience of fishing and get the full thrill of it. We will try our best to recommend the right products for fishing as well. Stay with us, be the regular visitor of this website, and learn fishing from one who loves it from the core of his heart. I hope that you will start feeling the thrill of fishing as soon as you are in the game.